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Thread: clomid and guns

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    clomid and guns

    you got to love the title hehe. I have read so much about clomid lately that i got thinking that by the time i finish my cycle and get on clomid it will be hunting season.Me and my bro usually take a week off every year to go moose hunting.

    Now her's my question since that shit makes youy all emotional etc,can it be dangerous to be around guns all day long. We are very stable people and are not emotionnal wrecks when clean.

    That stuff just seems to be wicked from what i have heard.The other thing is. Is it a good idea to take a week off training while on clomid or will it be bad on your gains etc.


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    If you are feeling all down and depressed i would not be around far as taking a week off...its actually good to take a week off every once in a while and let your body get full rest

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    Just a story to add with clomid, my brother started his clomid after a cycle and at the same time he broke up with his girlfriend of a year, BAD NEWS!!! my brother is a pretty stable guy but he was emotional the whole time he was on clomid, after he finished i told him the clomid doesn't help if your a little depressed he thought he was going crazy he was relieved to find out that it was the clomid that made everything worse. just my 2 cents

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    All I ask is that you stay in Canada during that week. The last thing I need is some Clomid crazed hunter with a shotgun and tears in his eyes mistaken me for a moose.

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