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Thread: When to clen

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    When to clen

    Please no flames, but I am about to run an oral only cycle for 5 weeks and I was wondering when the best time to takethe clen . I have enough clen for 3 two weeks cycles and I wanted to know whether I should take it before, during, or after my cycle. I am 6'6" X 270 lbs X 20% bf.

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    I think since you are running a five week oral only cycle I would run the Clen the first two weeks of the cycle then do a two week ECA then run the last week and the first off week and then the two week ECA and then clen again. Assuming your trying to loose BF on this cycle. Make sure the ECA portion doesn't start making you lose muscle when you are off. By the way I really don't like a five week oral only cycle.

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    why are you running an oral only cycle anyway?

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    6ft. away...but you can't
    What does you cycle look like????

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