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Thread: eq or deca?

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    eq or deca?

    whats the difference between these two?

    its my first cycle and i know as i'm prone to gyno as i have already had it while using high doses of pro hormones.

    i want to gain a decent amount and lose a little fat.

    can someone tell me the differences between these in terms of gains, which one is most likely to cause gyno? which one is best for keeping gains?

    any info at all on these two, would be appreciated. thanks.

    don't piss into the wind

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    Well, first off let me mention that Deca may cause Deca Dick, meaning you have a hard time getting "it" up. However, this is usally when taking a fairly big dose, 400-600mg a week. Deca also causes gyno through the progesterone way, not estrogen.

    EQ is very popular, and I believe many ppl on AR will tell you to use it. It's good mass gainer. It makes some users have a bigger appetite, so you eat more. Also, it gives you that nice vascularity.

    Although I have never used EQ, from everything I've read and been told, it's a good thing to use.

    What are you planning? Are you gonna mix it with something else? You could do an EQ only cycle, but it's better if you add something like Test Enanthate or Sustanon .

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    EQ for sure
    as terinox said deca can cause many sides--deca dick,bloat,gyno
    the gyno from deca is caused by progestrone and there is really nothing you can do for it short of taking some crazy shit
    eq can also cause gyno but from estrogen which can be controlled by nolvadex or clomid
    if you are doing deca alone and progestrone effects you kiss your love life goodbye
    my suggestion would be to do eq as it works the same as deca without the sides

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    If you happen to get deca dick it will go away after you stop using.

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    But it can take a while. I won't fuck with DECA again.

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    Check out the forum on EQ vs DECA . Tons of useful information...some however is False...How can you tell which is right or wrong?? You can't But Moderators and Sr. Members will help Tapout seems to know what he is talking about.

    EQ is less likely to cause bloat but gains will take longer. Anything that suppresses your natural Test cycle will cause Erectile dysfunction.

    I have taken both and will stick with EQ unless I need to take Deca for joint stiffness related to Winstrol usage. Good luck and read the Educational forums. Both will work well I just prefer EQ.

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