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    Please answer this question

    Hey i have a couple questions

    Since the one milligram arimidex pill is so tiny would a quarter of the pill actually do anything? i started my cycle taking arimidex as taking .25 milligrams of arimidex should i continue? i still have a little lump under my nipple from the previous cycle... my current cycle is dbol 35 mg's a day for four weeks and test depot 500 mg's a week for 8 weeks.

    my other question is should i hit every muscle group once a week and do about 25 sets per group once a week or should i do about 14 sets per muscle group twice a week? thank you all for reading this and for replying!

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    0.5 mg arimidex every other day.

    I've said this before and I'll say it again, pick one bodypart a day and destroy it. Go with 15 sets max and go heavy. Do each bodypart once a week max!

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