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    searched, and searched, now it's my turn to ask

    Allright I have been searching now for a while, i haven't seen what im looking for so it's time i ask. I am going to be injecting sust 250 @ 500mgs/ week and Fort Dodge Eq 50mg/ml @ 400mgs/ week. I want to inject the sust/eq together 1ml sus/2ml of eq twice a week and 4ml eq once a week. So 3 injections a week.

    Now for my question i was wondering if I could get advice on where to inject, i want to cycle my injection spots as much as possible so i don't inject in one spot to often. and pic size as well.

    This is my 3rd cycle i have been lifting for 4 years now im 5'11 190 w/ 10% bf.

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    I would do quads and glutes. Use 1.5 for glutes and 1inch for quads. You could use 1.5 on glutes just don't put the needle in all the way.

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    Go to to see pictures of injections in various locations.

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    Get an anatomy book too! It's nice to be able to see what exactly is underneath the area you are shooting so you have a better idea where major nerves run etc. and major arteries, veins etc.

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