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    Gear use truisms by IA

    I read this at it was very interesting it was posted by gman67 and was written by Iron Addict. Very interesting read......

    Just thought I'd post this for the people who haven't seen it yet. Iron Addict has been in the game for quite a while and this is his take on things. Enjoy.

    1. The more gear you do the more you grow. Sorry I know many of you didn't want to hear that but it's a fact. While going from 500 mgs a week to 1000 may not double your gains it will increase them (assuming training and nutrition are in order) and going from a gram to 2 grams a week will again probably not double your gains but again will increase them. That being said, IF your diet and training are correct (you are not under-eating and overtraining) you don't need a lot for FANTASTIC gains. A moderate test base with one other androgen stacked at a moderate amount is all most people need for awesome progress.

    2. Something happens when mega-dosing (2+ grams a week) that simply does not occur at lower doses. Magic starts! This doesnít mean a newbie should jump to 2 grams a week. You should always start low and slowly work up over YEARS time. I did gear for over 4 years before I ever hit a gram a week.

    3. For growth heavy androgens are the way to go for 80% of trainees. This means a test base with fina, d-ball, adrol, or EQ. Primo. Deca , winny, etc have their uses but NEVER supply the bang for the buck of the heavy hitters and never equate to the growth of the big-boys. If you can't grow on test, tren , and d-ball take up bowling, you ain't gonna grow. Quit searching for exotic roids that you think will somehow catapult you to the next level. The basics are where it's at. The only thing that grows better on the light anabolics is your suppliers wallet!

    4. Shots should NOT hurt, or hurt VERY LITTLE! If the mg per ml ratio is correct for the gear/ester a shot should not be painful and should not cause swelling. ALL common gear (in oil, water based suspensions are a different animal) flows absolutely fine through a 25 gauge pin and if you can give me one reason to use anything else I would be stupefied! It is NOT the amount of oil that causes pain, it is the solvent content. MORE IS NOT BETTER!

    5. MANY, MANY people are simply not bothered by est related sides. I see posts all the time by people that have just always assumed they had to use anti-e's and have never even done a cycle without them. If you are not sure you should certainly have them on hand in case, and they should always be used post-cycle but why use them if they are not needed? I have NEVER used anti-e's during a cycle even when doing 3 grams a week test. I have NEVER had any est related problem. Even when doing synovex with the est left in. Probably 80% of people do need anti-e protection but if you don't need it why are you doing it? All anti-e's reduce the anabolic effects of gear to some degree.

    6. Doing gear does NOT stop overtraining from occurring, it greatly reduces its effects but EVERYONE still has a point (volume/frequency) at which overtraining occurs. THE BIGGEST SINGLE REASON PEOPLE DO NOT GROW IS THEY OVERTRAIN, PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION! I always suggest doing a routine that someone knows they can grow on when not juicing then the gear will amplify the training results. Most people overtrain and don't grow optimally or at all.

    7. After your first couple of cycles each subsequent cycle has diminishing returns. You lose a large percentage of your gains post cycle. Don't tell me you keep all or most of your gains. If it worked that way the average guy starting out at 170 that gained 20 lbs each cycle and kept 15 would only need to do 6 cycles spread out over two years to be a 260 lb FREAK. It don't work that way sorry!

    8. The big boys (competitive Bodybuilders and powerlifters) generally stay on year round. I know many of you didn't want to hear this.....sorry! That is how they avoid the weight yo-yo's and consistently go up.

    9. The toxicity of orals is SEVERELY OVERSTATED. I have never talked to or exchanged information with someone that actually had blood-work done while on that still thought they were toxic. The people that will tell you how poison they are have NEVER been tested while doing them. I have done d-ball for over a year strait at 75+ mgs per day while being tested. No problems. They should still be used cautiously but until you have had blood-work done you have no idea how they will effect you. Nonetheless people recommending only using them for 4 weeks are fucking clueless!




    13. All these things can only be learned in retrospect AFTER you have tried. Your individual metabolism is unique onto itself. You will never know until you try.

    14. All AS work best in a calorie and macro/micro nutrient overabundance environment. If you are a 180-225 lb lifter and are not getting at least 300-350 grams of protein EVERY DAY quit bitching that your not growing. If you are 225 and above you need 350-400+ grams a day if you are training heavy. Step up to the dinner plate or go home.

    15. Losing bodyfat while gaining muscle is not an optimal situation. MANY can pull it off, most people fall flat on their face attempting it. Add mass then cut. They should be separate phases.

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    Good post. So true!

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    this is a good post, but im worried that all he compares anything to is what he can get away with, not a cross section of brothers involved in this game.
    he never had to use anti e's.....
    75mg+ of dbol for over a year...........
    these are just some examples,and it may well be true........FOR HIM. keep in mind everyone is different and reacts differently to all types of aas.
    im not doubting what he says, and he brings up a lot of good points as well that i totally agree with.(the oral toxicity thing is one that comes to mind). just use good judgement and run all of your cycles safely.

    peace bb79

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