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    Mike Guest

    Thumbs up Howdy

    Hey all - just wanted to say hi and let ya know I made it over to the new board - Jason and Brian and whoever did an incredible job - looks GREAT!

    Big ol bump for the administrators!


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    Over there.
    Hey Mike.

    How ya doing??

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    Mike Guest
    hey buddy - doing very well - board looks great as well - wondering however what the open envelope next to my post means and also how to put a picture under my name......hmmmm...

    Any tips guys?


    Oh yeah.....I lost all my MOD powers as well!!!

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    ptbyjason Guest
    What's up Mike.
    Welcome to the new board. We have been enjoying this new board ever since we put it up. To put a picture under your name you have to edit your profile and add an avatar.

    As far as your power as a mod, you know you will have that established quickly. We were just waiting for you to sign up first.

    See ya around Mike,

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    Hey Mike. Glad you made over.

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    Thumbs up

    What's happening Mike, just wanted to thank you for the step by step on the quad pinching. I tried it and it went perfect not sore or anything, I actually felt a greater pump on the quad.
    (I used to be 300plus, change of name)

    Site looks great, admin's keep up the good work...

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    i was board and wanted to see how old this place was......all i gotta say is daaaaaaammmmmmm

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