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Thread: eq and primo

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    eq and primo

    my mate is doing an eq and primo cycle at 400mgs each for 10 weeks what do you all think of this? what sort of gains will he make? i think its more of a cuttin cycle but he doesn't, your thoughts?

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    ask him whats the point in using primo for bulking, there is much cheaper ways out there for bulking and they will yield better results.

    that is a cuttin cycle he is talking about bro

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    It is a cutting cycle. Not going to get a lot of bulk from an EQ/primo stack but he should get some nice vascularity and it is a pretty safe cycle. Of course like anything diet will still determine more then the gear used but those are traditionally cutting drugs.

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    Add test prop and it will still be a cutting cycle(depending on your diet), but you get a lot stronger too

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