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    Cypionate by Scheinpharm is this stuff any good??

    Cypionate by Scheinpharm is this stuff any good??
    Cypionate by Scheinpharm
    is this stuff any good????????whats a good price to pay in US funds.please some info and pics.thank you.

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    There are many rumors that Scheinpharm's cyp tends to be counterfeit. As I related in another thread, Schein used to manufacture cyp here in the U.S., but they were busted by the FDA for poor documentation practices and, after they cleaned up their act and went back to making injectables, they did not resume making cyp.

    Because of that, there is only one legal brand of cyp manufactured here in the U.S.: Depo-Testostosterone, which is made by Upjohn/Pharmacia.

    I would tend to be leery of any cyp from Mexico (which does not have the same level of manufacturing standards that you find in the U.S. or Canada), but especially if it has the Schein label.

    As for price, here in the U.S. Depo-Testosterone legitimately goes for about $70 per 10-ml vial (at the 200 mg/ml strength), which is about half the cost of Delatestryl (the only legally manufactured brand of enanthate ), which costs the same $70 for only a 5-ml vial. (My solution, but only because the border is convenient to me: I get enanthate in Canada, where Delatestryl can be found for about $20 U.S.)

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