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    Middle Weight here looking to go up to light heavys

    I'll try to keep this brief yet complete.
    I'm 41 years old and have been competing as a middle weight in the spring and fall for the last 2 years. I'm competing around 174# 5'7".
    The biggest I have gotten of season has been 205#. My bulk cycles have been very light. The most I have ever cycled is 350 test/300deca
    a week for 8 to 10 weeks max. Then I would be back on a contest diet.
    My point here is I have been dieting for close to 30 weeks a year. Not putting on any new muscle.
    I'm 5 weeks out from several Sept. shows. After kicking ass at these shows I plan on going off everything for 4 months.
    Here is my First bulk cycle of the new year 2003.
    500 mg Enantate 1 - 10 weeks (maybe front load first 2 weeks 750)
    100mg Fina EOD 3-12 weeks (375mg wk) First time ever using fina.
    40mg anavar ED 3-12 weeks. (do you think this will help hold gains?)

    Start clomid week 13. ( I know what to do here)
    Diet and training will be in order.
    I hope to hit an all time weight high of 220#.
    Muscle gain I would freak out to hit 10 pounds of lean mass.
    Once this bulk cycle is complete I'll take 3 to 4 months off again. At the same time keeping my weight up and my training heavy.
    Then about July or Aug. I'll do another 10 to 12 week bulk cycle.
    Any suggests as to what that cycle should look like?
    If all goes well with the above cycle I might repeat it with adding in some EQ.
    My goal is to come back in the Spring of 2004 around 186 to 188#. At my height I'll be like a little house. This would be a net increase of 12 to 14 pounds. I hear so many stories about guys saying thay make these kinds of muscle gains off one cycle.
    Do you think this is possible?
    Any thought about my plans?

    Thanks for taking the time to read all of this thread.

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    I'd like to see you bump your test to a gram. I admire your discipline in dieting so much and wish I had it. You don't say how long you have been using AAS. For me at this point I am overjoyed to gain ten pounds of lean muscle mass a year but for many that is a very attainable goal.

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    Well, you have ALOT more experiance training than I do but here is something I learned here and is IMO a great addition to what your planning. Throw Winny in there for the last 6 weeks, You'll be rock hard. Winny/Fina/Test is a vicious cycle and everyone I know that has taken it swear by it (6 people so far). Dr Evil had some good things to say about this stack and is who turned me on to it, dude was right.


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    I forgot to say I would be doing paper dbol the first 3 or 4 weeks at 30mg a day split through out the day.
    I don't know about 1000mg of test a week for a guy who has never done more then 350 a week before. Going to 500mg a week is a big jump for me. No need to over kill yet.

    The question about how many cycles I have done. Well Since 1997 when I did my first bulk cycle of 200mg cyp a week for 10 weeks and gained 22 pounds. I have done some kind of bulk cycle every year since
    Plus 1 or 2 cut cycles each year. The above bulk cycle is the most agressive I have ever bulked. Using the fina I feel will help me make new gains like I have never had before.

    About adding the winny. I was thinking during the second bulk cycle of the new year I would go the test, fina, EQ and winny road. This should get me ready for January 2004 cut cycle. I know it looks like I'm planning far in advance that's just the way I am.

    Any other thoughts?


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    If you have made gains that you are satisfied with using 350mg of test, 500mg is plenty for you yet. IMO, if this is your bulking cycle, add EQ instead of tren . I think with EQ you'll do better. Save the tren for your cutting stack.

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    Everyone please remember that I'm planning on running
    2 bulk cycles during the 2003 season. So if I feel the 500mg/week of test was not enough I'll bump it up on the second cycle.
    My goal is to come away from the 2003 bulking season with a SOLID 12 pounds of muscle. More would be great. It's just hard building muscle as a 41 year old guy while trying to still be conservetive.
    Do any of you guys train your legs on two different days when on gear?
    If so do you just train quads one day and hams another?


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