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    Fina, Praise it while you can!

    My lord,

    I love it, i just finished up with my clycle of it. I used it longer than I should have. Used it for about 10 weeks, so tempting to use it for a fucking year now.

    I swear i had infinite stregth with it, only thing that kept me from going heavier was join pain, and trying to avoid a tendon injurty.

    I got tendinitos (sp) in my shoulder and ebow when on it :/

    But I miss being on it, the results are seriously addicting.

    If you have never used it, and have some lifting and AS experince, ENJOY IT CHEAP while you can bro's!

    Only a SHORT period of time before you'll be ordering it like any other AS.

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    i hope you are right on every word about the fina bro.did you run any anti progesterone thing during the cycle or clomid at the end?above all did you run it in a cycle alone without any test?

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    why do you think you're going to have to order it? you really think their going to make cattle pellets that are shot with a gun a scheduled material? id be skeptical...nonetheless i hope not!

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    i heard it's great for cutting....what's your experience from the cutting perpective???

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    you'll still be able to get pellets everyone. if you have to go to your local feed store and get a receipt saying you have cattle, so be it. no big deal. get in good with your feed store. or check their trash for a week for an old recepit.

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    Im not quite sure what everyone is freaking out about fina. Everything we do in our lifestyle involves obtaining things the hardway.

    Just enjoy how easy it is now and get used to the idea that it will change one day. Its still going to be a hot substance on everyones cycle list and therefore easy to get one way or the other.

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    Tanguy your local feed store? I never even seen a cow in real life
    If people can't tell your on steroids then your doing them wrong

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    its really is as simple as saying you have cattle and show them a reciept? then you get pellets?


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    gotta love that shit, great for cutting Big Rush, I feel the thermogenic effect everyday. I've been getting a little fever every night after my shots. Great for everything. I'm stocking up while I can, I'd suggest doing the same. A side note though, evidently if taking test with fina, you'll need to be taking arimidex as too much aromatization would prevent one from noticing the fat burning properties. No one has ever been able to show me a study on this because there isvery little research on tren in humans, but many believe this.

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