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    I am coming to the end of my cycle. I will begin HCG and Clomid. However, I have heard differing opinions on HCG injections. I heard some inject with a slin dart subcutaneously and some say with a 1.5 inch syringe intermuscular? Whats the deal? Is there a 'best' way to inject HCG?

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    It can be done either way.

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    intramuscularly is generally observed, the package insert i have specifically says intramuscular injection, but yes i have also heard subcutaneous...personally when i did use this worthless shit (hcg ) i used it intramuscularly...good luck

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    I have always used it sub-c (less scar tissue) with good results. My Dr. says iy can be used either way and I did see a study once with men hat backed it up.

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