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    Question dosage question

    do you guys think 300mg of t-200 every five days for the next 4 weeks is too much for a first time aas user. i am already in week 6 of 300mg t-200 every 7 days. i am happy with what i am starting to see. i can get another bottle of t-200 but i want to be done with it by week 10 because my winny will run out in week 12 [two weeks after my last t-200 shot]. side note, i have thrown in eq at 200mg every 5 days begining this week and will run it at that rate for 7 weeks for a total time on of 13 weeks. bros, i know this cycle is fucked up, but its seems to be working. this is my very first cycle ever so back to the original question - 300mg t-200 every 5 days for 4 more weeks...too much for a first timer
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