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    (Yet Another) New Guys Read This

    Though fairly new to THIS board, I'd like to relate a bit about my experiences to those first coming here looking for information on AAS...particularly the younger guys, like myself, who (also like myself) tend to harbor a decided "know it all or soon will" attitude. I hope it keeps others from making the mistake that i almost did (there were several, all of which have, in various forms probably been exhausted in other threads if you take the time to look)

    I currently attend an ivy league school (probably easy enough to figure out which one), something I say not to trumpet my own academic accomplishments in the *slightest*, but rather to illustrate that of all those considering the use of AAS, very few would be as diligent and thorough in their research as someone like myself while simultaneously believing their thoroughness was adequate. Pouring through medical and academic journals, anecdotal evidence, empirical studies and steroid -specific publications all with fervent zeal and dedication, I spent six months compiling enough info to construct the coveted "perfect cycle".

    That was three months ago and i still have not purchased a single pill, vial, amp, bottle or syringe - solely as a result of being humbled. Humbled by this board, the reading of more journals, the collecting of more anecdotes and (perhaps most importantly) the open discussion of AAS with knowledgable individuals such as you will no doubt find on this board. I would state both emphatically and unequivocally that, as soon as you believe you have acquired enough knowledge to begin the self-administration of AAS (or any administration for that matter) jot down the time it took you to garner this "wisdom" and promptly DOUBLE not even entertain the notion of taking a single step towards purchasing, using, etc until you have continued to research, read and ask questions to a point at which that time has been filled. Trust me, as intelligent as I believed i was, what i know today vastly surpasses what I knew a week ago, and absolutely dwarfs the knowledge i possessed four months ago, when i sincerely believed i was ready to undertake my first cycle. I shudder to think what I may have possibly done to myself and my body had I not heeded my own warning. You can take anything else i say on this board with whatever dose of healthy cynicism you deem necessary, but do yourself a favor and at least consider my admonition of sorts.

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    nice post BigGreen!


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    nice post bro.

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    Nice post bro ,I totally agree with this if had know about a site like this when I started maybe I wouldnt be shaving my head right now

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    huh? i done dont compre-understand yer' fancified ivy skoo edyamication speakins. ahhaha j\k bro. good advice

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