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    Primobolan acetate/Deca plex-100/1-AD

    i just took a look on your forum and i found you guys very helpfull so i'm going to need a peace of advice with this:

    1. 1-AD

    2. Primobolan acetate (4-Androsten-4-ol-3 beta,17 beta-dione) new product by Promatrix i capsule=100mg

    3. Deca Plex-100 (19-Nor-4-Androstene 3,17-dione
    4 Androstene 3,17-diol
    4 Androstene 3,17-dione etc. (Promatrix) 1cap=100mg

    For those of you ho used 1 or more of the products above, which one do you think has the best results to gain mass?

    Should i take one product alone or combine 2 together and which ones?

    Have you notice any side effects and how many capsules should i take daily?

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    throw that shit in the garbage, drive to gnc and hit the little bastard who conned you into buying them...those things aren't juice, they're just bullshit products designed to get you to spend money..."deca -plex"
    what will they think of next?
    get some pins and some test, you'll thank me...

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    hmmm...maybe you couldn't infer from the outrageous text that i put up that the first post was a joke...and the advice i just gave is sound...

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