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    Unhappy Will nolva effect my upcoming Clomid therapy

    I finished up my first cycle two weeks ago,
    weeks 1-2, 500mg Sust
    weeks 3-8, 250mg Sust
    I plan on starting the Clomid the weeks after last shot 300mg first day, 100mg 10 days and 50 mg 10 days.
    I am currently taking Nolva to fight gyno symptoms 30mg ed., I've done alot of reading on how Nolva can be substituted for Clomid. I still want to do the Clomid for post cycle test recovery, I was only wondering if by using Nolva now should I change the standard dosing methods I outlined above?
    Thanks in advance bros.


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    No continue to do as you have planned.

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    Do both bro. I run Nolv thru and sometimes past my clomid cycle. Some guys posted here a few months ago about running Nolv by itself instead of clomid, I debate that, simple because Nolv does not stop estrogen from free flowing in the body, while clomid (in theory) does. Nolv, will help with the lumps and some left over estrogen to prevent gyno. But the key reason for running Clomid is to hold the estrogen at bay while your body cranks back up it's own test levels again. Nolv and Clomid do different things, and while some will debate that statement, I have found with my own experience this holds true! Run them both, but I would not do a cycle without clomid at least.

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