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    Finalized Stack-Opinions on liver supports, PCT, and compounds chosen

    I will start this off by saying I have spent over a year reading and asking questions. This is my first stack (6', 218lbs, and 8% bf right now). On to the stack...

    Week 1-I will start the liver support a week early. If i take LIV52 would red yeast, coq10, milk thistle, or NOW liver detox be necessary? Whats the best route to go here. This is really my only area where I am unsure about the best option as I know all are good supplements.

    Week2-12-I will start taking compounds. I will run TEST E 500mg/wk with 2 pokes a week, mon and thurs, 250mg each time.

    Week 2-6 or 8-12-Not sure whether to put at beginning to kick off cycle or the end but I will run DBOL 40mg ED, unless there is a more prefered oral to run, but this seems to be the popular choice.

    PCT-Clomid and nolva ran 100mg/10mg ED for 5 weeks. This seems to be everyones choice of PCT, though I know there are many options. I will start 1 week after my last shot, correct?

    I want to run an anti E through the cycle to keep bloat down. Would letro be a good choice? There seems to be different ones everyone likes but I can order letro from lion and id prefer that, unless he sells something better. How many mg per day should it be ran?

    I think this wraps it up. I am hoping to get a lean 15-20 lbs out of this and keep BF where it is at or possibly lower it more.

    Thanks to all who took the time to read and respond, your help is greatly appreciated!

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    IMO the liver support is unnecessary for just a basic 500mg/w test e cycle. Run the test for 12 weeks not 11 like you posted.

    If you are choosing to run dbol , use it as a kickstart for the first 4 weeks at 40mg ed.

    Letro is excessive for your cycle i think, from what I've read and heard, it's some serious shit. You're better off with something lighter like arimidex .

    PCT is okay, check out Anthony Roberts' PCT with nolva/aromasin in the PCT section of the forum. Good luck

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    hey thanks a lot I appreciate the quick reply!

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