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    Thoughts on TEST/EQ/MAST cycle

    Just thought i would get some opinions on my next cycle coming up! , coming back from a motorcycle accident with permanent fused pointing finger and middle finger on my left hand it took me about a year to recover but i found new ways to lift again, my last cycle was incredible(testprop/tren /mast), basically im in the best shape in my life and my left hand has no more pain, my strength is even a little more then when i lifted before my crash, and im still gaining strength and fat loss after this last cycle. so this cycle would probably be my last and didn't need a big one or to use tren

    next cycle

    1-16 test e @ 500mg week
    1-15 Eq @600mg week
    1-16 mast E @ 400mg week
    7-16 hcg 250 ius e3d
    16-18 hcg 500ius eod
    18-22 nolv 20mg ed
    18-22 aromasin 25mg ed
    18-22 clen

    Diet is everything, so i need a very clean diet.
    a typical day
    breakfast= 2 large eggs 2 egg whites/ oatmeal
    hour and half later= 40g whey protein shake
    hour or so later= some fruit or carrots or salad
    lunch= lean chicken breast/vegs/black beans
    hour and half later= 40g protein shake
    hour or so = vegs or some type of fiber
    Dinner= salmon/ vegs/ yam
    hour and half = 40g of lean protein shake
    of course switch off from day to day but just to get and idea!

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    Cycle is laid out well, tough to give any other imput without stats and cycle history. I bet the doctor was tempted to fuse only your middle finger. Good luck.

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    24 years
    body fat% around 14 or less
    training seriously for 5 years

    after my crash i was fat like 210, then i worked super hard, cardio first thing on empty stomach 6 days week and went home and ate, like eggs and oatmeal to regenerate and then went back to the gym and work a primary muscle group once per week. I 've been doing that for the last 6 months and around month 4 i lost around 35 lbs of fat and gained 10lbs of muscle, now i've kinda stayed at 185. my goal before this next cycle is to get to 180

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