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    Cycle and advice

    Ok guys I finally decided to run the following cycle, this is my first. Im getting my stuff this coming week. I just had a question on the Sus, is this really the best test to run. By all means if you think this cycle sucks or that i can run a better one please feel free. Also should i run the cycle for 10 weeks instead of 8.
    Im 23, 5'10 175 lbs lifting for about 2 yrs.
    I have gyno naturally so thats why im running provirion, but im thinking of replacing it and Nolva with arimidex all together.

    Week 1-8
    Sus 500mg/week (250mg on Mondays and Thursdays)
    Deca 400mg/week (200 mg on Tuesdays and Fridays)

    Weeks 3-8
    Provirion 50 mg/ day

    Weeks 4-8 (5 day week)
    Winny 50 mg/day (depot) (50 mg in morning)

    Week 10 and 12
    Clomid 50 mg/day

    Week 11
    Clomid 100mg/day

    Nolva on hand just incase of gyno sypmtoms arising again.

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    i think your cycle looks like a good first one. If you have gyno naturally- I think that may complicate things though....

    For sure use arimidex - better yet (better on the wallet...) is liquidex. IMO, at least .5mg/day, but it's tough to say since you have the gyno- you can always up the liquidex if needed.

    And I'd say replace the deca with eq. The liquidex won't help the progesterone from the deca. The winny will- but the deca will hand around in your system for at least a few weeks after last injection- so you'd have to do the winny from near the beginning of the cycle till right up to clomd therapy to be really safe. And that's too long on the 17AA's.

    Make life easy and just do eq. Gyno aside, I'd pick eq over deca anyways.

    I think you should be able to skip the nolva and proviron too. Liquidex will do the trick.

    Oh yeah, go for 10 weeks.

    but looks like you've done your home work bro...

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    hell yea lush! well said!

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    Over there.
    I agree with lush on the EQ instead of DECA .

    Run the liquidex as well.

    The only other thing I noticed, is why are you taking four shots per week?

    Why not just take two, do the MON / THURS and mix your gear. No need to poke 4 times if you don't need to...

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    well I was going to add my 2 shits but these gentlemen have told you everything you need to know.

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    Ok guys let me see if i have this straight.

    Week 1-10
    Sustanon 500mg/week (250mg on Mondays and Thursdays)
    Equipoise 400mg/week (200 mg on Monday and Thursday)

    Weeks 2-10
    Arimidex .5 to 1 mg a day

    Weeks 5-10 (5 day week)
    Winny 50 mg/day (depot) (50 mg in morning)

    Week 12 and 14
    Clomid 50 mg/day

    Week 13
    Clomid 100mg/day

    Nolva on hand just incase of gyno sypmtoms arising again.

    Just one question thou would it be better to replace the Sustanon with Testosterone enanthate ?

    And thanks guys i really appreciate your help.
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    imo sus is over rated and a bit more expensive then enanthate or to save some money i would go with either one of those 2.
    also if your doing eq instead of deca i see no reason for the winny.
    clomid should be run 3wks after last shot @
    300 on day 1
    100 for 10 days
    50 for 10 days

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