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Thread: clomid 2x's

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    Question clomid 2x's

    Ok, i understand how much, and when after what to take clomid. my cycle is goin to be 30mg dbol weeks 1-4, and 400mg test weeks 1-10. i know i would run the clomid after the dbol or after test if they werent both in the same cycle, such as a dbol deca stack. my question is would i run it after the dbol, and again after the test is over. i would think i would, buti wantedt o make sure. i dont see how it would hurt, but i need to know so i know how much clomid to order. thanks for ur help

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    umm ok, its 4am out here so im a little tired. Had to read this thread three times before i understood what the question was. Most will not use clomid mid cycle on light stacks, although i remember reading that it was beneficial especially since clomid is rather cheap. Lets see what the other members think.

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    since your dbol is ran with test theres no reason to take it after the dbol.wait 3wks after last shot of test.
    300 on day 1 100 10 days after 50 10 days after.

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    For what your asking, You only need to run the clomid one time, that is after your finished your whole cycle, not each drug.

    good luck bro

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