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    I hear so much about it on the board. obviously it's good, now inform me, i live in canada, and i heard that is legal to buy, if so, can i go to the vet and say, hi im hear to buy cattle growth implants, any stories about this,

    actually how hard and dangerous is making it into an injectable solution, worth it,

    if i chicken out in getting it and making it myself, CDN prices, ruffly how much is it? if anyone pms me a source or 'hook up' i will hurt you, honestly what price range is the not getting hosed price?

    thanks in advance guys/gals

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    You really need to read more info on this before you do anything else.
    here is a fina board to start with.

    all topics are related to fina/tren

    but read alot of the threads before you post

    hope it helps in your quest for knowledge

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    It's typically about $150 (canadian) for 20ml of 75mg/ml pre-made. So, you can have enough for like 6 weeks @ 75mg ED for $300. That's cheap compared to other shit.

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