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    Couple Questions...

    Alright last night me and my friend shot up eachother. First we tried to get the suspension at 50mg in each Tricep...and it happened again...both times...the syringe busted. So I was like screw this! The pain from the suspension was bad enough but not being able to shoot it and wasting all them syringes...too much! So my friend hooked me up witht he rest of his Propionate ! We shot 150mg in each of my deltoids. It was good...didnt start feeling pain until this morning when I woke up. I have a questions I want to ask if anyone can answer them:

    1. If I mix T400(800mg) with my ttokyo EQ(200mg) will it take some of the pain away?

    2. How long does the pain from the prop usually last?

    Last but not least...this is not a question...but today I am going to try Kynoselen cause my friend is gonna hook me up! I will get back to ya with some results on it.

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    An injection is an adding another one, it will not relieve the first one.....

    However, and it does pain me to say this....Adding Deca to Prop. will help somewhat, and the EQ might add a bit as well, but not quite as much....

    Prop. is similar to a bee sting, and actually follows along the same pathway....give it a day or so and it will subside....

    Suspension, winny, etc. have a history of clogging pins during injections...What guage were you using during this process out of curoisty..??


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    I was using a 25 gauge and a 22gauge. both clogged up...hopefully I will do better witht he prop.

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