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    How does this look?

    Ok, I'm about to order the gear for my next cycle (I'm still in pct right now.), and would like some critique if possible:

    250mg Test Cyp every three days for 10 weeks
    15mg Dbol three times daily for weeks 1-5
    40mg Anavar once daily for weeks 1-5 and week 9
    Nolvadex as needed
    PCT for 2 weeks
    12 weeks break

    My main question is on the Anavar dosage and possibly spreading it throughout the day - something like what I've got planned for the Dbol. Also, the profiles section says it takes high doses to achieve an effect. Should I raise the dosage?

    This is my second cycle, with doses slightly increased on Test Cyp and Dbol from the first one. I'd like to add the Anavar to help control the water weight from the Dbol and add some strength to my mass.

    Current stats:
    22 years old
    236 lbs (when naked on a scale)

    Final goal:
    260-280lbs (I'll re-evaluate this when I hit 260.)

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    you wanna gain 45 lbs in 10 weeks?!?!?!? ha goodluck

    run the var at the end at weeks 8-15, also I would do 60mg a day split twice daily. I like var at 75mg but Ive ran it a few times

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    45lbs is not my goal for this cycle, lol! I'm not that retarded!


    FINAL goal is the key phrase. As in the FINAL time I take aas, lol!

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