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    enthanate or cypionate ?

    hey guys

    over the yrs and cycles ive have sticked with using enthante many times.
    never used cypionate yet .

    tryin to get feedback on the people that have tried both and what they prefer and why.

    i also know they are almost exactly the same and most ppl gunna say diff people react differently with both but id just like to get a straight answer on them too because im currently trying to decide which i should use in my next cycle.


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    my first cycle was cyp and im on my second cycle and im using test enthanate and i love it IMO test e all the way

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    it is weird for me since both are so so similar however, i seem to gain serious mass on test e while test c keeps me alittle leaner but doesn't make sense since both are nearly identical but then again every body reacts differently..coca cola or pepsi, lol

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    Sometimes its fun to try alittle pepsi instead of coke . It will be new to both you and your body . A guy gets tired of coke after a wile

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    lol thats a different way to look at but i get what you are saying, try it and see how it goes

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    Test C gives me more bloat than Test E. Enan keeps me a little bit leaner.

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    cyp had one more carbon atom on the ester... so not all that different. Its the same coumpund...test is test... but cyp is a little longer of an ester

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