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Thread: Advice needed!!

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    Advice needed!!

    Hey guys i need your advice before i embark down this road..
    Firstly about myself im 21 years old have been training for 4 years, seriously for the past 2 height is 5 11 weight is 192 pounds, not sure of bf% relatively low i think

    A few questions
    all that is available to me is sust and deca from bulgaria do you think this is appropriate for someone in my position? also what do you think is a suitable cycle for a newb using these two?
    what pct do you recommend?
    A person i know recently came off this cycle(not sure of dosages) with no pct whatsoever i tried to tell him to research but he didnt listen he now has sore nipples,gyno?
    what is the shelf life of AS as i plan on holding onto them for another year or so to make sure i have reached my natural limits?im already bigger than all my relatives but i just want to make sure.

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    You need more research on roids cycles and PCT, start from here:

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