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    yo mamas house

    looking for exepreinced input

    after several cycles (3 test only and currently still in my first stack) im curious how do you guys determine your weekly dosages. i know research is paramount. but do you guys adjust up or down based on how your work outs feel and how you look? Or. Do you stick to your plan and ride it out based on what gear you have available. Also as your exepreince grows and your reaching your goals physique wise. do most useres stick to their tried and tested compounds or are they constantly changing what you use from cycle to cycle. Thanks as always this place rocks .

    P.S. i just came from the gym and I LOVE GEAR!!

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    I figure out what im going to use before i start and stick with it. I use a few different things depending on what im trying to do and stick with them. The ywork for me so i dont try new stuff just to try it.

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