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    Letro help-advice needed urgently.

    im planning on starting my next cycle of prop/tren /mast in a week or so.
    i have caber, a dex, letro, aromosin at minute and expecting nolvadex in a a week or so.

    being paranoid i had slight gyno from my last tren cycle i start letro about a week ago. im up to 0.75 mg now and feela s thought if i did have gyno its not gone or i was merely being paranoid.

    ok so if i taper down to 0.25 mg over next few days and stop, am i likely to have a big rebound effect???
    i think i have 2 options
    Option 1- Wait for nolva and run that 2 weeks after i stop letro, thus delaying my cycle for 2 more weeks.

    Option 2- take letor for one more week, stop, start cycle and switch to adex throughout.
    Any opinions

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    keep taking the letro through your cycle, if you are prone to gyno then it will probably show up again and letro is safe to use while on a cycle.

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    i would taper off the letro while starting another ai. Letro inhibits estrogen so much that it mkes my joinmts hurt and i have read that too little estrogen affects growth and immune function. Adex keeps estrogen managable, but still allowing for some.
    run adex throughout the cycle.

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