Ok guys in i'm in the last week of my first stack for the 1st 8weeks i ran tren enth @300mg a wk & test cyp @500mg a wk. and ran the test for an additional 4 wks total of 12.
I'm 36 yo training for around 21 yrs started gear 2 years ago
I'm 5'10
started around 258lbs. bf% around 20% (im guessing)
currently 272lbs, bf probaly in the 12-14% range ( I can see the outline of my abs on most days).
the biggest jump in size and body composition was wk 3 almost over night. my body comp has continued to chang every slowly. But i'm eating very strict and force feeding myself calories i know its not my diet, or training,or gear, but i havn't felt the great skin tearing pumps since since week 4 .
over the last 2 years ive ran A50 w/ test for 6 weeks, and sustanon250 @ 500mg a wk for 10 weeks 2 times, this was my 1st stack. i have never had any sides accept body acne(mild) on sust, my question is Am i not using a high enough doseage the last 6-8 weeks have been ok but not great thanks for all the help guys i have learned so much about gear and diet and training this time around,