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    Milk Thistle now or later?

    Im on my 1st week of 500mg Test E split and Dbol at 25mg ed for 1st 4 wks. Dbol being evil on the liver...should i take Milk Thistle pills during or after my 4 wks of Dbol..or after the entire 12 wk cycle? Im only 3 days in on the cycle...
    Also im taking it best to spread all this out over the course of a day? say take Fin in morn, split Dbol twice, morning and afternoon? Just curious what havic Test, Fin,Dbol and M Thistle is wrecking on me being that im taking them all. I AINT SCUR'D THOUGH! LOL
    Thanks guys

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    I take milk thistle while taking any orals, I actually start the milk thistle a week or so before the orals start and run it till a week or so after I finish them.

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    I take them all the time as a precaution. 9 x 175mg capsules. Don't really know how effective they are as my liver enzyme readings are elevated to twice the normal.

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    If you wanna be on the safe side then definately during any oral cycle

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    Milk thistle is a doesn't clean your protects it.

    Therefore take the Milk Thistle during the cycle .

    Post cycle....clean it with something that promotes bile secretion. You have to involve the gall bladder in this as the gall bladder aids the liver.

    I like to use Boldocyanara and buy some Dandelion Root Tea this Post

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