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Thread: sustanon/deca?

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    I was planning on doing 500 mg sustanon a week. But I have one question. What would be the different between 500 mg sustanon a week or 250 mg sustanon + 300 mg deca ? The total amount of mg is almost the same. On what do I base myn decision?

    Thanks for the reply

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    Deca is a powerful anabolic . Sustenon (test) is an equally powerful androgen as it is anabolic. Part of planning a cycle is chosing the right mix of androgenic and anabolic action you're wanting.

    You're almost definitely going to be happier with 300mg/wk Deca and 250mg/wk sustenon. It does depend on what you're looking for.

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    like hammer said, i would stack the two, ever heard of synergy? depending on previous experience, cycle duration, diet,sleep, and training you should get some real nice results...good luck

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