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    questions for those with experience or knowledge about steroid testing

    i could possibly be tested for steroids at any point and i need to know what my best option would be. i need something that gets out of my system quickly and will help me put on some strength and some speed. i was thinking winstrol tabs. i would take 6 a day for 6 weeks. is this good or should i look into taking something else that works better for what i want and gets out of my system faster?

    i have no cycle experience.

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    need more info than that to give you advice.. assuming you are being tested for steroids and not rec. drugs this might help you out, if this is just a regular drug test you have nothing to worry about.. its expensive to test for roids and it is not included in your standard UA

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    I assume you're an NCAA or minor/major league player. Those organizations do test for AAS. If that's the case, then I don't think anyone with any real experience could in good faith recommend any of the known AAS products for you assuming you are subject to unannounced testing. The only way to beat the tests is to use designer drugs that have no known metabolites, or use drugs that cannot be detected via the piss test - HGH, IGF-1, etc. Another option would be to use transdermal T and maintain a < 4:1 T/E ratio. Determining the proper dosage for you in order to maintain a level falling below the testing threshold would require periodic labs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtbaseball7 View Post
    i could possibly be tested for steroids at any point and i need to know what my best option would be?

    i have no cycle experience.
    Don't begin taking them. If you have no cycle experience, and could be randomly tested and somehow put in jeopardy...DON'T START.

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