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    Vent: Trying to find whatmans driving me crazy!

    I'm prepping to make some test p and some tren . I've got all the syringes, vials, etc set to order, the sterile oil, BA, etc.

    But I can't find friggin whatmans for the life of me. It's just for personal use so the whatman site where they sell in lots of like 150 are of no use to me lol.

    I know they sell kits but i'm looking to acquire more supplies than that to have on hand to use as needed so a kit isn't gonna work for me.

    I've been googling for an hour and can't find jack.

    And one quesiton. I have read about .45 filters and .22 filters, are these the same thing or different. Are both good to have on hand. Is one better for tren and another better for test p? (2 things i"m developing in the future).?

    I'm not asking for a source check, but are there places that sell whatmans in lots of like 5-10 or less?

    Arrggg. I'm in no immediate ruch b/c i have to secure ample pct drugs before doing anything anyway. That's my next step. But i'd like to get some whatmans in a cart from a site if I could so I could finalize a few orders.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

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    top right corner of your screen if not Pm me man

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