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Thread: eye surgery

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    eye surgery

    went to the doc to see about lasik eye surgery and 1 of the question s was have you done steroids in the past 3 months. does anyone know why they ask this? is it something to do with the healing process. didnt want to ask doc yet so i checked no.

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    AS an FYI i was on a cycle when i had my eyes done...absolutely no problems at all with my lasik surgery ...went from 20/400 to in 20/15 both eyes.

    Good luck

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    Steroids raise your BP (blood pressure). It can lead to glaucoma. It has something to do with the internal pressure of the eyeball.

    Steroids; blood pressure; eye health... they're all related. I'm not an opthomologist, but the eye exam where they blow air in your eye tests for this. Could have something to do with Lasix surgery.

    Always good to be honest with your doctor.


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    might also be worth mentioning if you use nolva or clomid etc since they can have an effect on your eyes (ocular toxicity)

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