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    Question some general help

    hey the guy i get my gear from is hooking me up with some testosterone cypionate he told me i should stack it with something called tesponon 250 im sure my spelling is incorrect as it always is if i shouldn't stack it with that then with what any info would be aprreciated thank you

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    sustanon 250? Thats another from of test. I would stack it with something else. depends what you are trying to do with your cycle

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    hey bro
    what ARE you tying to do with your cycle? if we had that info, we could make some great suggestions. as far as the other as your source mentioned, i havent a clue, unless like posted above it is sustanon 250. drop a little more info and we'll help.

    peace bb79

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    Mike Guest
    Stop taking advice on cycles from your source - this just proves my theory that MOST sources really dont even know how to cycle - thats cool, just ask someone else - dont stack cyp with testonon 250 - what are you looking to do and we'll help you out - stats too

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