Big Men,

this is a simple protocol to followe for al you: (NEWBIES) out there who chose to opt for 19 nor andros as opposed to a simple long esterfied injectable that'll subsequently remove its main constituents form rendering harm on you r body with in two weeks.

I I was a newbiew..I am 5 feet nine inches, 187 pounds and nearly 7 % bf.
if i was a newbie, what I would do is stick to basic testosterone for about 10-12 weeks. Prerrably 12 weeks. If you really want to add some spice into this cycle, you could kickstart wioth dbol at 30-35 mgs ed...

also have any 5 alpha reductase inhibitors on hand..(proscar, dutasteride, finasteride, spironolactine 5 % and even 2% nizoral as prescribed by a doctor. they say that most peoplw who suffer from a predisposed nightmare can use these compounds to block the 5 alpha reductase inhibitor from converting test to dht..

thats just in any male pre-disposed cass.

also, pct should be on HAND..I would run aramosin, nolva and hcg ..if your balls are starting to drop....

proviron is a good choice since it suppoers the male libido and reduces sexual hormone binding gloublin...

also, hard training, dedication and a sound sleep shall be conducive to all aspects of muscle growth..

p.s. never. but NEVER use nolva with deca as it will exaspperbate progesterin. this is the primary cause of gynocasmestis..In short, *bitch titsl

you know, that curse that plagues most woman going thru menopause, haha..anyhows, look out for my next article, ill be breaking down high intensity techniques that'll facilitate muscle growth far beyound human dimension..

JV-best of luck..."Suffer the pain of discpline, or suffer the pain of regret"