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    First cycle orals

    Purely out of curiosity... while a test only first cycle seems highly recommended for good reason, I've seen many who advocate a dbol + test first cycle, yet never a drol + test first cycle. I realize that it's because drol is the big bad wolf of orals, but with all that stuff about drol and dbol being the same potency mg for mg what's keeping someone from just cutting a drol in half and doing 25mg ed for a kickstart? Is there some other reason to avoid drol in a first cycle that I missed, other than the reputation of it and the advantages of finding out your body's reaction to test with the test only first cycle?

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    probably because you would have to take more drol to get the same effects as a smaller dose of dbol

    and iv never ran drol personally but if you do some reading people report that sides are alot worse on drol

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    anadrol and d-bol are very similar and if your dead stuck on doing and oral then either will work. personally i would just keep the anadrol dose at 50mgs a day

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