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    On dbol but now need fertility test !!

    I have been running dbol at 30mg per day for 5 days but took my girl to the hospital today (she sprung the appointment on me) and have been asked to go back in 2 days to get my sperm count done. Will they have lowered it already ? I have some aromisin that I bought in case of gyno, should I take some fast ?

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    It seems likely your sperm count will be at least reduced, perhaps significantly. Keep in mind, I'm no doctor, but I have studied human biology at college. All I've heard about this sort of thing involved injected test, though, and was related to experiments with AAS as male birth control. Did you see the episode of 30 Days (the Morgan Spurlock show on FX) with the guy taking doctor prescribed injectable test? As I recall his sperm count became essentially non-existent at two weeks of test injections (of what bodybuilders would consider a low dose), or something like that. I don't know that anything could get your sperm count back up to normal that fast if it's been "turned off". Perhaps HCG injects? I know these injects can be done subcutaneously as well as intramuscularly. Subcutaneous is faster acting. Take this with a grain of salt, as I'm kinda talkin' outta my a**. Best course of action? I would probably just tell the doc. He or she is bound by doctor patient confidentiality rules. Your girl doesn't have to know, and you can simply reschedule. Good luck.

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