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    Unhappy DHT Blocker Help??

    I am taking 300 mg of test e per week, 3 IU of GH 5 days per week, and 50 mg of oral winstrol every other day. I'm also taking 1/2 cc of arimidex every other day. I need to know how much DHT blocker I should be taking and when should I take it.

    Does anyone know for sure? Please help.

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    you probably want to block the dht for hairloss right. In that case it wont do much considering Winny is a dht derivative, so drop that and go for 1mg a day.

    I used proscar 1mg a day when i took suspension and worked well. Probably didnt needed but i was paranoid as Fuc* so i used it as a safty percaustion.

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