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    Is it cool to do clen /cytomel like this:

    Day 1: 3 Clen
    Day 2: 2 Cytomel

    And So on...

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    Ummmmm.... and so on what? I don't see a pattern. I am planning on doing a similar cycle myself, here's what its gonna look like

    8 week cycle

    Test Prop. 300-400mg /w (just to keep the T-3 from stripping my muscle off)
    Ketotifen all the way through (that way I don't have to cycle the clen )
    Clen 33445566....66554433
    T-3 22334444....44443322
    winny 50mg ed weeks 5-8

    Now, you can do the same thing without the test and winny if you wanted. I wouldn't recommend staying on clen that long without keto. Also, I would recommend some test if you are on T-3 for more than 2 weeks or so.

    I haven't used clen or T-3 yet, so I will let you know how it goes. I start Mid December or Early January.


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    Sorry, my post may have looked confusing! The T-3 will only be run the first 4 weeks!

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