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    planning cycle - need help

    how does this look

    week 1-2 test prop 50mg eod (to kick start it)
    week 1-10 test enan 500mg/wk (too much???)
    week 1-10 equipoise 400 mg/wk
    week 9-13 winny 50mg ed

    novla on hand just in case
    clomid 3 weeks after last eq shot

    what results can i expect to see? i tend to gain fast. i only want to gain 15 lbs MAXIMUM of lean keepable muscle and want to rip up. will 500mg/wk of test enan make me a blob of s*it? i have always kept my cardio up and diet clean. what would be an alternate stack to get bigger but at the same time get more defined? thanks in advance for any advice given.

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    the cycle looks good except for the prop if anything id run it 100 mg eod at the least,100 ed would be better ,and ran for 3-4 wks
    run the clomid 2 days after winny

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