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    Bulking Cycle started last monday

    I am currently on the second week of my bulking cycle and happy to be back. My current stats are 21 years old, 5'8 and 190lbs not sure of body fat percentage. This is my third cycle. I am using

    300 mgs TT DECA per week 1 -10
    500 mgs Cyctahoh per week 1- 10
    75mgs of FINA ED weeks 8 - 12
    CLOMID and Nolvadex on hand
    Also have 90 tablets of CLEN

    During the first week I gained 7lbs but that was just from eating so much. Can't wait until everything kicks in around week 4 or 5.
    My goal is to reach 205 - 210lbs. I may also throw in some winny or anavar near the end of my cycle.
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    looks good bro, but I'd run the fina to week 13, that way you can start clomid shortly after. Deca takes 3 weeks to leave the body remember.

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