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    dianabol and prop. test. cycle

    i'm just looking for some info and help for this cycle. i want to know what will be my gains. i want your comments. here is the cycle.

    week 1-2 250mg prop.test.
    week 3-6 500mg prop. and 35mg dianabol
    week 7-8 250mg prop. and 30mg dianabol
    clomid starting with 100 mg week 9 and 50mg week 10-11
    what do you think. if it isn't ok tell me what another roids should i ihave to take with this.

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    bro i really think you should think the cycle over
    your only getting 35 mg ed of test(prop need to be taken everyday) imo that will only shut you down and really do nothing.try 75-100 mg ed,the dbol looks good at 35 mg everyday( you did mean everyday didnt you,not a wk) run the dbol from start to wk 5-6

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