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    little bro needs cutting advice please give input

    i know this is probably the wrong forum, but more people browse it so here it goes. My little brother is 17, 6'4 or 5 and about 270 lbs. he is an ofensive lineman for his high school .he has great leg strength but not so great uper body strength. he wants to cut some fat and build some muscle. AS are out of the question cause as far as he knows Im on lots of cell tech anyway, I recomended ECA stack,hydroxy cut, or xenadrine. lots and lots of cardio, lots of sets of 10-12 reps, little time between sets.also, cutting the calories and carbs down, sticking to protein veggies and multivitamins. does anyone have anything else that might help, supplements or workouts. maybe someone who has been in similar position. thanks guys

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    everything you said is good, but get protein drinks, and still eat meat, but lean like chicken tuna fish lean beef. also DO NOT use an eca stack he is only 17 it can mess up his nervous system very badly it is not fully developed and can harm him. so good old dieting and cardio is the key. trry circuit trtaining so he does not lose muscle, and if he eats right he might even gain a little muscle but it is very hard to do when dieting right.


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