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    Cycle question (gyno)...

    Sup, i'm pretty much done with my Enanthate , I got one injection only left, which I will be doing Tuesday/Wednesday. I am also currently taking 50mg of Winny every day. I also took 3 weeks of Dianabol at 25mg each day. My question is, doing all that juice, how come I didn't get any gyno, or hair loss? Only noticable side affect is my nuts shrank, very little. Should I just be thankful that I'm not prone to gyno...or is it somehow hiding, and it's gonna pop out suddenly like after cycle or something???


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    it still can come around because enth can be active for up to 3 weeks after injection. i would just be thankful you didnt get any that is good. and not eveyone gets it and not everyone loses hair it varies.


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    Guyz, Anybody gotta an idea on how well a stack of Winstrol Dept. and Test. Cypionate works? Any major gains experienced?

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