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    Amoxycillin_or other Antibiotics?

    Has anyone used Amoxycillin or other antibiotics when getting chills or flu symptoms from AAS? I have read about someone who uses it whenever feels sick and has not been sick for years. Shouldn't regular use of an antibiotic be common practice while under cycle?

    If I can remember right - Doxycycline is a good antibiotic for the liver too.

    Wouldn't this shit help with flu symptoms and possibly better sleep from a "cleaner" environment?
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    Warrior, using an antibiotic while you don't have a VIRAL infection is very very bad medicine. From what I understand, the sust flu isn't influenza. Its a term for your body getting used to having an alien substance in your body.
    Using antibiotics on a regular basis for any extended period of time will eventually cause your body to get used to and reject the antibiotic. What I mean here is that it will stop working all together. Then the next time you get sick, you won't be able to use that antibiotic because it will be ineffective.
    Even when I get sick and go to the doc I cycle from two different antibiotics. I change between amoxicillin and the 5 day pills. So one time i get sick i use the amox. and the next time i get sick i use the 5 day pills. I hope this answers your question!


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