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Thread: 6 week cycle

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    6 week cycle

    Hey bros, been awile since my last post, but was wondering if my knowledgeable bros could offer their opinion on my short cycle. I was thinking of doing a 6 week cycle of prop. and winny.
    Prop.= 100 mgs./day
    winny= 50 mgs/day
    clomid post cycle.
    Do you think this 6 week cycle will produce solid gains on proper diet and training regiment of 4,ooo cals. /day and lifting 5 days a week and cardio 3 days a week. Stats are 5'11 198 lbs at 11.4% bf (which was last measured about 2 months ago, but i still think I'm about the same.
    So basically should I add any other gear to this...will this be a waste of gear if I just do this cycle? All comments welcome.


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    Looks like a pretty good short cycle. I wouldnt change anything. Good luck.

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    heheh i was gonna say the same thing diesel.. but then i just like tren .

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