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    Considering T-Bol Only (would be a newbie to 'roids)

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I know, I look lame seeking info for an oral-only cycle on top of being brand new to this forum lol. Anyway, you guys seem understanding and helpful so I thought I'd ask a few questions.

    175-180 lbs.
    18% body fat (estimate)
    22 years old


    Moderate level of knowledge of effective supplements/dieting
    Moderate-high level of knowledge of effective weightlifting
    Moderate level of knowledge with steroids (5 months of research)
    Have been working out for 6 years (worked out in High School) but only consistent for past 2 years.

    I have turned to this option because although I recognize the importance of compound movement exercises, massive calories and protein, I seem to have trouble making gains. I've switched up number of reps, tried static contraction, etc. to "learn my body" but it's making me feel a little hopeless.

    My first questions is - Will doing 1 or 2 cycles of T-Bol prevent me from getting future gains that I otherwise could obtain by waiting until later? In other words, are you better off to wait until you've maxed out naturally? I don't want to be the next Jay Cutler, though some day I wouldn't mind being as big as someone like Mark Wahlberg. Basically, 'roids are not something I would want to keep doing over and over. After this cycle or maybe 2 cycles, I'd want to be out of it for good. I just feel like if I saw some major gains right now, it would motivate me to work harder and that I would be more confident. Right now I feel kinda hopeless after not seeing much of a difference after trying for so long and working hard.

    I've seen recommended dosages starting at 40mg, but is that necessary for a first time roid user? The problem is I'm seeing bottles that are 10mg x 100 which is just short of a cycle at like 30mg. I've done a lot of research on roids in general and I know they say you will see the most gains on your first cycle so I'm just wondering what you guys would recommend for dosage for a first time user.

    Since I'm in my 20s, am I more likely to recover my old test levels faster? How long after my cycle should I start PCT with T-Bol?

    Btw, I'm aware of importance of liver support, blood testing, etc.

    Thanks for any tips/suggestions.
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    First off welcome to AR!

    Secondly, dont ask questions about sourcing...

    IMO, you need to re-think your diet before beginning a cycle.

    Post up what you eat on a daily basis w/ macros and how much the food weighs.

    Test E or C is generally the usual cycle for a new user. I wouldnt recommend a oral only cycle. Though if i did, Tbol or Anavar would be the only two.

    And btw, we all say its only gonna be one or two cycles...


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    I eat roughly 3500 calories a day. I never eat big meals. I usually eat small meals or snack 5-7 times a day. I make a LOT of Italian food - Pastas (I mix some whole wheat noodles in with the bleached ones). Chicken, Beef, (alfredo/pesto/tomato based sauces - I'm somewhat of a chef hehe). It's very easy for me to incorporate cheeses, meats and olive oil in the food I like most. If there's anything I'm lacking, it's probably green vegetables. I drink a lot of 100% fruit juice. I frequently go to Chipotle as a post workout meal - about 1200 calories by the time I get what I want on it. Just to give you an idea of what my diet is like.

    I take a whey protein supplement and get about 150-180 grams/day total.

    I know I should probably be eating more calories but it's insanely hard for me to force feed myself. I suppose I could try weight gainer formula.

    Btw, sorry for the inappropriate question. I read the rules but I didn't know the rule extended to a logistics question. I will edit it shortly.
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    Im not a diet expert but since no one is jumping in I'll do it. Your diet sucks. It doesn;'t really seem like you really know what you are eating at all. Im not going to get all into but...
    1)You need to keep much better track of what you are eating, when, what and how much.
    2) You should be eating ALOT more, more like 5000 cal if you really are trying to grow.
    3) You should also be trying to get 300 grams of protein per day minimun, 400 if are really that hard a gainer.
    4) CHipoltle isn't fantastic. CArbs and protein or protein and fat, avoid carbs and fat combos
    5)Your protein should be spread throughout the day, with more of your carbs in the am, pm carbs should be restricted to post workout when possible.

    You are are probably a little young and if you think you'll just walk away from the stuff after it gives you what you are after, well, good luck with that.

    But seriously, hopefully this bump will get some of the diet guys on here, at least to tell me im an idiot cause thats where most of your problems lie.

    PS guys go from 30 up to like 80 mg ed, its different for everyone. 40-50 seems average. Know everything to know about what you are taking or you will regret it

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    No i beleive that your diet is horrible from what you explained.

    1st off your pastas with sauces is high in fat content which is where it seems you get most of your calories from, not to mention going to chipotle PWO. You should be focusing more on eating whole foods and complex carbs such as potatoes, yams, brown rice, etc.....your BF% is pretty high from the estimate you gave us so work on your diet, break it down into macros and see where you are getting all your calories from. The diet section here is OUTSTANDING which is where i learned a bunch of knowledge. Work on that first before thinking about AAS. Also on a side note, 150-180grams of protein from whey shakes is not going to help you grow, get the protein from whole foods such as chicken, lean beef, lean cuts of wild meat, fish, etc.... It is slower digesting whereas the whey protein is usually digested too fast leaving a lot to waste. Best used immediatly PWO as your body is in a catabolic state and you need to feed it the protein it needs as whey is a fast digesting protein used for that purpose. I usually wait 45mins. after a protein/dextrose shake and then have a high protein/carb meal, no fat as fat is shuttled into your muscles due to the spike in your insulin levels from the carbs in your PWO shake and the carbs in your meal. So much to learn, so go check out that diet section!

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