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    Unhappy feeling ill on deca, any help guys?


    im on week 2 of a test/deca cycle, ive had 3 shots so for, each of test e 250, and deca 200, i feel really ill all of a sudden, my throat kills(gland pain) this has caused temp and headaches, is this me just falling ill, or the effect of gear?

    i have also come up with spots on the weirdest of places, i know this is because of the gear. what should i do to avoid these spots?

    i am currently taking 0.25mgs arimidex everyday and vitamin b supplements. should, should i use another ai, is the arimidex not working, i have proviron , nolva, letro, and liquid arimidex on hand.

    thanks guys

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    like i told you in the pm your either just sick or you have the test flu but either way just deal with it and you'll be better in a few days. as for the spots, what do they look like and where are they? how do you know the gear caused spots on you? i cant imagine it being from the gear unless its around the spot you injected
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