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    masteron and hairloss ? experiences

    So ive been doing a lot of reading and I've found conflicting info about masteron . I was under the impression that DHT derived gear other than var was off limits for people prone to MPB. Can you guys please share your experiences..

    also please dont tell me to buy a hat, shave my head or choose goin bald or having a good body. already coverd that on the last thread I started.

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    When I did masteron I did notice some more hair in the shower and sink...but since I'm off its stopped.

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    i used nizoral wih my mast cycle ( it was 100mg a day for 12 weeks) and what hair i did notice falling out from my forehead area grew back in a few month after the cycle. Im talking so little it might not have even happened.

    remeber that taking finasteride or something like that wont d anything for aas that are dht based, like mast, var, primo, winny or do anything for highly androgenic aas like tren .

    imo if you are going to go bald there isnt much you can do about it except not speed it up by aas. If you were going to use aas, and you are prone to mpb, id say stay away from all dht's, always use spiro and nizoral, get finasteride (for year round use) and cut your dosing if hairloss during the cycle if a concern. Also, i have read here that too much estrogen may cause hairloss. I know some women whom hav lost hair from certain kinds of birth control, which may or may not be relted to this issue.

    In summary, my opinion- do not use masteron at all if you are mpb prone as i lost hair i think and im not prone.

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