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    I am sick! Need advice

    Alright, I am due to start pct on the 8th after 10 1/2 weeks of test e. Now I am sick. I cant eat and I feel aweful and I cant get out of bed. I am sure that my sickness is not do to gear, I think it was the holidays and stress and eating some bullshit that I am not used to. Anyway, when I eat I get sick and throw up. Is this going to kill my gains? Do I need to start forcing protein down my throat?

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    There is no need to force any food down if your going to be throwing it back up, if you can keep it down, yes of course eat but if you cant try drinking some shakes.
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    well at university i learnt that any food or liquid kept down for 30-40 mins is enuf, your body absorbs the goodness within that amount of time, if you can keep it down that long and then you yack up its fine, its just cumin out from your mouth sooner, rather than 2 hours later from ur backside.

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    i always go with some pedialyte as soon as i get better to get rehydrated. i can't imagine eating anything when i have a stomach thing.. even pepto bismal makes me throw up about 30 min after..

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